Akiko Saheki


Akiko Saheki is an artist living and working in Carrara.

She grew up in Tokyo, finally moving to Italy after graduating from Tokyo Zokei Art

University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture.

She studied drawing under Prof. Omar Galliani in the painting course of the Academy of

Fine Arts in Carrara, and 2011-2012 She studied the technique of painting and Batik in

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland.

During she was a student of the Academy in Carrara, she started to work as an Illustrator.

She published her works in numerous fashion magazines in Japan, Italy and Europe,

such as Glamour, ku: nel, Gentleman, Numerò Tokyo etc...

Currently she works at her studio in the center of Carrara.



foggy future 2010
(50x200 cm)
luna 2011
(100x70 cm)
pioggia 2011
(100x70 cm)
in collaboration with morandi tappeti