Daniela Marchetti

~~Total artist
 She achieves excellent results in every field to which her fancy takes her; she plays the viola, the classical guitar and the piano.
Daniela Marchetti's artistic search starts from the marble quarries, her native land, which she perceives as a solid element with a weighty tradition, and interprets with a love enhanced by the aesthetic beauty of her pictures.
As well as examining the subject dealt with, these contain all the tension which has become part of her over the years, an essence of her life, but also of the people who look at them; this is what makes her great, unique and at the same time representative of us all.
In Daniela there are lights, which give tranquillity, and darkness, which make us reflect, a depth of thought and incredible lightness of being. Volumes and forms, superimpositions and written expressions, a crazy desire to communicate with whatever means; a concert in every picture of hers because in the harmony of music every aspect of her indomitable spirit finds peace and harmony.

Fabio Morandi  2014


In these canvases the artist is a producer of symbols brought together on a single surface to create a real language. A language full of contradictions and lacerations, lights and shadows, but which tends towards a unitary vision without recurring to the traditional motives of objectivism of manner.

 Dino Carlesi 1994                               


Marchetti's reality, therefore, belongs to the dominion of experience and the tangible. Let's say rather that it's “another” universe, revealed to the conscious and re-invented at a higher sphere of perception. The surfaces are massive and impenetrable, like great plastered walls, with relief effects and roughness which accentuate their existential factor and immemorial temporality.

 Giuliano Serafini 1995                           


As an informal artist since the early 1990s, Marchetti has operated within the material side of this tendency, where the paths and realities of the conscious and subconscious are identified with the doughy, dense blanket of actual events. Plaster and wood powder, various glues, stucco, oil colours laid on and manipulated on the surfaces, produce lumpy clots, congealing as they surface to immediately form hollows of light, shaking up the flat surface and revealing the burning vitality that matter possesses.

 Guglielmo Gigliotti 1997                     


Her works are to be read, at times in the way music is read. Writing is the protagonist and is illuminated by what is, in a way, a prismatic light which highlights all its peculiarities.

 Marco Tonelli 1997                                 


Those overlying geometrical splashes of colour, that light and undecipherable graffiti, represent the mystery of life as told by this young artist who doesn't worry about providing keys to its interpretation or dispelling shadows. Without giving up her search, her aim is to dictate other pages, often fascinating ones (…) from her intimate diary where art and life interweave and mutually feed each other.

 Romano Bavastro 1997                       


The young Daniela Marchetti's voice is neo-informal. The woman from Carrara prepares her material according to an intimate musicality expressed through touches, signs and upheavals of matter; musicality which, in some cases, clearly emerges through the insertion of sheets with musical notes.

Giorgio Di Genova 1998                        

Her style starts with matter, studied through various materials, and which over the years has created a fertile ground where Marchetti has dug up the roots of an undecipherable writing, still in its embryonic state, where signs prevail as a form of expression. The element of writing, which looks like a rebellion of gesture, unconscious and immediate, generates a code mid-way between written music and drawing, integrated with matter.

Valeria Felici 2001


Daniela Marchetti, born in Carrara on 22nd November 1959, graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara in 1984.
She subsequently attended a course in painting at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Paris, at the end of which, in 1985, she started her activity as an artist.

“My pictorial research has always been characterised by starting from the material. The consequent use of various materials such as plaster, cement, sand, paper and mixed techniques ….... over the years has created a fertile ground on which to work freely, following traces inside the material itself. The traces gradually became the seeds of a writing that is often undecipherable and which, freed from the constraints of a common sense, can contain many meanings. The white surfaces are a clear reference to the “marble feeling” which is identified with my origins (Carrara), while I also love the almost nocturnal opacity of slate, and those confusing scratches, which try to impose an often useless order on the existential chaos which generates everything.

Right from the start my work has come into being from what precedes its taking shape and its consequent developments. The thousand branches that are created in a thought during its oral expression and the mind's paths lead to the building of projects and to an architecture of ideas.”


                                                 DANIELA MARCHETTI

Daniela Marchetti, born in Carrara on 22nd November 1959, graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara in 1984.
She subsequently attended a course in painting at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Paris, at the end of which, in 1985, she started her activity as an artist.


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Bologna, Arte Fiera

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Due alberi 2012
(30 x 20 )
Dopo Lei 2013
Prima Linea 2015
(90 x 90)
QuadernoN1 2010
(247 x 250 )
in collaboration with morandi tappeti