Silvia Caimi

The human figure: elegant, powerful, romantic, exhilarating, intense, real, beautiful, proud and sober, comes directly to our heart and mind, leaving us admired, relaxed and happy with our nature.

Fabio Morandi


Silvia Caimi


Silvia Caimi, born in Mantua, has completed humanistic studies. Graduated in letters, he studied Byzantine, medieval and modern studies. He devotes himself to passion for painting by cultivating natural talent, which soon evolves into rigorous and methodical artistic research, particularly directed at the male and female human figure. He has participated in numerous national and international shows, gaining important awards, including in 2014 the medal of President Giorgio Napolitano. After London and Spoleto International Art Fair, his work was selected by critics important for exhibitions representing the Italian painting abroad. He participated in 2014 in the "Imagine" and "Northeast Route" reviews, curated by Giammarco Puntelli. Selected for the New York 2015 Biennial and Dubai Biennial 2016, he was invited to attend an important anthology of Master Aligi Sassu. He has participated in EXPO IN CITTA 'in EXPO 2015, his works have been exhibited at Casa del Mantegna in Mantova, Miami, and are now permanently at a New York Gallery. In 2016 he exhibited at Gravedona on Lake Como in the project "The Labyrinth of the hypnotist" curated by Giammarco Puntelli and the Biennial of Montichiari. In 2016 he participated in the project "Eternity in Art", exhibiting during the Jubilee in the Church of the Four Saints Coronations of Rome. Selected for the Triennale of Rome, in 2017 he exhibited at the Vittoriano Complex. In January and March 2017 he exhibited at Palazzo Ferrajoli in Piazza Colonna in Rome during a prestigious event organized on the occasion of the installation of Donald Trump at the White House and during the recurrence of the Patti of Rome


2017 – Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome – Artist selected for Presidential Inauguration day Event and recurrence of the Rome covenants

2017 - Triennial Exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome, 2017 "Vittoriano” - Artist selected

2016 - Rome, Basilica Quattro Santi Coronati, "Eternity in art", project curated by Giammarco Puntelli

2016 - Solo show, Mantua, Gonzaga's Palace in Volta Mantovana

2016 - Solo show, Mantua, Gonzaga's hunting Palace in Bosco della Fontana

2016 - Montichiari Biennal Solo exhibition, Brescia - Italy

2016 - Gravedona Como lake Gallio Palace "The maze of the hypnotist" project curated by Giammarco Puntelli

2016 - Dubai Art Biennal 2nd Edition

2016 - Ward-Nasse Gallery, permanent exhibition, New York, NY USA

2016 - Mantegna's House, “Italians”, Mantova Italy, curated by Giammarco Puntelli

2015 - NINA Torres Fine Art and Paul Cabezas Gallery New York - “Miami River Art Fair 2015”, Miami, FL USA

2015 - New York Contemporary Art Biennial 3rd Edition, Manhattan NY USA

2015 - “Contemporary artists in dialogue with Aligi Sassu”, Monza – Italy – artist selected

2015 - “Art and time”, MILAN EXPO Sforza SPACE EXPO GATE, project curated by Giammarco Puntelli

2015 - “Solo Show” curated by Giammarco Puntelli - Pizzo Calabro, Italy

2015 - Satura Art Gallery, Biennale of Genova, artist finalist and awarded - Genova - Italy

2015 - "L’Arte e il Tempo", official event of EXPO IN CITTÀ in EXPO 2015, Duomo Square, Milano

2014 - NY Art Biennal "Open umbrella when rain, overturn it, collect the drops and use it to clean your brain" solo show, Mantova, Italy

2014 - “Rotta Nord Est”, art project curated by Giammarco Puntelli - Museum of Modern Art Ugo Carà, Muggia (Trieste) Italy - Pescheria Nuova, Rovigo Italy

2014 - “Imagine", art project curated by Giammarco Puntelli - Biblioteca Umanistica dell'Incoronata, Milano, Italy- Archivio Pria, Biella, Italy - Palazzo Bernabei Assisi, Italy - Simboli Art Gallery, Firenze, Italy

2014 - Biennial of creativity – curated by Paolo Levi, with Vittorio Sgarbi, Verona, Italy

2013 - Artinvest Srl Gallery Torino, “Spoleto International Art Fair 2013”, Spoleto Italy

2012 - Opera Arcade Gallery London - “International Exhibition of Contemporary Art III EGOS” London – Regno Unito


jump42 2016
(70x70 cm)
in collaboration with morandi tappeti