Takahashi Kenji

 The work of the sculptor Takahashi, scrupulously recomposes small, shapeless marble fragments and makes them a single piece again, giving them the dignity of an object, thought, work, matter, idea. Putting scrupulous order between an inner and an outer, setting boundaries between lights and shadows, he is a revolutionary with respect to the school that formed him; a gentle rebel who creates charming, magical and highly coloured objects.


Born in 1957 in Kitagata, Gifu, Japan, he graduated with a degree in Sculpture from the University of Fine Arts in Tokyo Zokei in 1981 and finished a post-graduate course there in 1984. In 1989 he moved to Italy. He has lived and worked in Carrara since 1992.

Once in Italy he decided to radically change his personal artistic style to create a new dimension, a different approach to material.

The act of sculpting takes on an almost mythological value: Kenji smashes the marble and recomposes it, highlighting the signs of the re-composition;   this is how his incredible sculptures of sewn marble come into being.

Nature, violated by man, finds new life in the work of the sculptor-demiurge who does not create matter, but gives it new form and order. For the seams, which are real sutures, he uses coloured nylon threads, as if to play down and mitigate the sense of re-composed pain and also to represent the multiple aspects of nature itself that the artist recreates in a smooth and rigorous geometric form (Cubone – Big Cube) or as a rough fragment of a celestial body resting precariously on the ground (Cubo Ruvido – Rough Cube


Personal Exhibitions

1991 Galleria Dante, Erba, Como

1994 Banca Citifin, Milan

Galleria les Chances de l’Art, Bolzano

  • Studio Jelmoni, Piacenza

  •  Palazzo Comunale di Carrara, Carrara

Galleria Les Chances de l’Art, Bolzano.

  • Galleria Artomato

  • Atelier de Appelhaven, Hoorn, Holland

  • Atelier de Appelhaven,Hoorn, Holland

  • Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano

  • La Vinaccia, Carrara

2005 Artemisia, Massa

Galleria Gagliardi, Taormina

2006 Galleria Nicola Ricci Arte contemporanea, Pietrasanta

2007 Naufu Gallery, Gifu, Japan

2008 Hilde Holstein Gallery, Bremen, Germany

2013 Hotel Principe, Forte dei Marmi



Collective Exhibitions

1981-88 Kokuten Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japan

  •  Ohgaki Open Air Sculpture Exhibition, Gifu, Japan

  •  Open Air Sculpture Exhibition, Piazza Cavour, Como

1988  Graphics exhibition, Chiostrino S. Eufemio, Como

 Exhibition of Contemporary Engraving, Sovico, Como

  •  International Etching Exhibition, Kempten, Germania

  •  Open Air Sculpture Exhibition, Caslino al Piano, Como

  •  Beauharnais Sculpture and Painting Exhibition, Pusiano, Como

Exhibition at the Accademia di Brera, Milan

  •  Salone II Accademia di Brera, Milan

Adriano Petrocchi Award, Castello Savelli, Rome

  •  Miniartextil, Como

  •  Miart, Milan

Young Artists of Miart 94, Studio d’Ars, Milan

Arte 94, Padova

  •  Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Galleria 9 Collonne, Ferrara.

Arte Fiera, Bologna

Stage design, Merano

Precious Work Show, Galleria ‘L Group, Colonnata

Artissima, Turin

  •  Arte Fiera, Bologna.

Art and Culture of the Land of the Rising Sun in the Apuan Alps, Galleria ‘L Group, Colonnata

Ritomofisso, Galleria Atelier, Carrara

  •  Arte Fiera, Bologna.

Pensierincorso, Fosidinovo

Sulmona ’97 Award, Sulmona

Lain Art, Gent, Belgium

Antonella and Fabrizio Boggiano Collection, Galleria Rinaldo Rotta, Genova

  •  Arte Fiera, Bologna.

Per Filo e Per Sogno, Galleria Artomato

Sulmona ’98 Award, Sulmona

Miniartextil, Como

Il Cerchio, Italo-French Cultural Association, Bari

  •  Arte Fiera, Bologna

Arte Dove, Fosidinovo

Events ’99, Selmoneta, Latina

Miniartextil, Como

Sulmona ’99 Award, Sulmona

  •  Miniartextil, Como

Sulmona 2000 Award, Sulmona

International Sculpture Exhibition, Albese con Cassano, Como

  •  Holland Art Fair, Den Haag, Holland

Miniartextil, Como

Sulmona 2001 Award, Sulmona

  •  Holland Art Fair, Den Haag, Holland

  •  16 Sculptors in Malcesine, Verona

  • Kaunas Art Biennial Textile ‘07, Mykolas Zilinskas Art Gallery, Lithuania

  • De migrante marmoris, Galleria Ars Apua, Carrara

2009 Japan Fantasy, Della Pina Arte Contemporanea, Pietrasanta

2010 Miyabi, Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Carrara, Italy

Miyabi, Venanzo Crocetti Museum, Rome, Italy

2011 Sculpture and Woodcut Exhibition – Letter from Japan, Retorbido, Pavia.

2013 Two colors, Arianna Sartori Arte & Object Design, Mantova



  •  1st Symposium of Sculpture of Pognana Lario, Como

1988  9th Symposium of Sculpture of Carrara, Carrara

 1st Symposium of Etching of Pognana Lario, Como

  •  1st Symposium of Sculpture of Fossano, Cuneo

1999  10th Symposium of Sculpture of Nanto, Vicenza

13th Symposium of Sculpture of Carrara, Carrara

  •  Art Sport and Territory, Albese con Cassano, Como

  •  1st Jeem International Sculpture Symposium, Lattakia, Syria

  •  5th International Symposium of Sculpture of Puerto del Rosario, Spain

2006 3rd International Symposium of Sculpture of Amman, Jordan

6th International Symposium of Sculpture of Puerto del Rosario, Spain

2007 International Symposium of Sculpture of La Hague, France

3rd International Symposium of Sculpture of Comitan, Chiapas, Mexico

2008 International Symposium of Sculpture of Cerisy-la-Forêt, Manche, France

4th International Symposium of Sculpture of Amman, Jordan

Iksan International Stone Culture Project, Iksan, South Korea

2009 International Symposium of Sculpture of Damme, Germany


Cubo ruvido storto 2009
in collaboration with morandi tappeti