Giuseppe Tirelli

Giuseppe Tirelli was born in Tanzania in 1957, he lives and works in Piacenza where he attended the Institute of Fine Art “Gazzola” in the late  80’s.

 The artist started his artistic journey through a very personal research combining the characteristics of classical sculpture with contemporary atmospheres projected into a cybernetic future.

the great art critic Edward Lucie- Smith has placed Tirelli among the artists of “Italian neofigurative sculpture”.

Tirelli works with important art galleries and his sculptures are appreciated also abroad: a lot of them have been bought by collectors who live in India, Brazil, the United States, Russia and Australia.  





Puzzles and truth of an imaginary theater


"All the sounds that surround us

They make a lot less noise than ourselves.

The real noise is the echo that things have in us. "

James Joyce



The plastic research of Joseph Tirelli is widely pervaded by an aesthetic of classical order and some suggestions related to a more modern context. What still characterizes the work of this talented sculptor - one of the most skillful and original in the contemporary scene - is the aura that hermetic seals the enigmatic appearance of his subjects, intriguing protagonists of an imaginary theater, sometimes even visionary.

The baptismal fonts of a sculpture - its - often inhabited by the ancient myth should be sought in the great Hellenic tradition: the shining examples of Phidias, Myron and Praxiteles fact constitute, for Tirelli, a symbolic model beauty. Will tie in, among other things, the inspiration purism of a vital spirit, innervating the graceful elegance of sinuous forms and read: think, coming back with the mind to the Italian teaching, the high Donatello and especially Cellini until you find in Cupid and Psyche Canova aristocrat as concrete and seductive reference to an author, as Tirelli, constantly inspired.

The inspiration that he reveals in each of his works meets fertile grounds of expression in literature as in real life. But whatever is the slope in which Tirelli has chosen to emphasize its attention, to emerge are the usual characteristics: deep analytical excavation (Getting rid of prejudice), the silent intimacy (Ecstasy cybernetics); a latent irony destined to take a cynical tone when, to be represented, is the humiliating decline of certain behavior of modern man (Hephaestus throws the SUV off the cliff, Captain America has eaten too many burgers).

The poses, in this way, they gain meaningful efficacy: hidden disvelano illusions, the arrogant swagger of one who feels master of the world (The manufacturer of balls); conversely, however, even the shock and the anxious anticipation of those who watch the progress of such human degradation looking for themselves an unexpected salvation in that intimate exercise that is meditation (The boatman giant who loved the good wine, Girl with cat, precarious equilibria).

Tirelli rises to the role of witness, he explores archetypes buried in the unconscious, ancestral anxieties (Peter Pan 2). His imagination adds unprecedented events that closely concern figures indeed allusive (Don Quixote in Emilia), revealing an arcane world where, uncertain, swirl weakened sentiments. So, what he has the merit to realize, in that third dimension populated by invisible tremors, is a dreamy Truth (The thinker and the frog), in which myths, people and characters converge like in an ideal symposium and presenting possible existences also the most skeptical viewer (see the various versions of winged Figure drunk).

We should finally point out the fine consistency of technical Tirelli, its unique creative talent. In actuality, unfortunately, it marked by the painful absence of such qualities, comforts that still there is an artist so scrupulous and attentive to the orders which over the centuries have been handed down by the trade virtuous. Tirelli, with an air of exclusive and quality now rare, continue on the fascinating path indicated by his personal masters, now independent, in a varied art scene everywhere, who sees it legitimately shine as one of the greatest sculptors of our own.


Florence, June 2013                                                                                      Giovanni Faccenda


Solo exibition


1994 Amici dell’Arte Piacenza

1999 Galleria d’arte Rosso Tiziano  Piacenza

2002 Personale  presso Amici dell’arte Piacenza

2002 Galleria d’arte   Alphacentauri Parma

2005 Galleria d’arte   Rosso Tiziano

2005 Galleria d’arte Agorarte  Brera Milano

2006 “Sculture sospese tra due mondi” presso  Carimilo  Milano

2007 “Estate contemporanea “ Castello Anguissola Travo Rosso Tiziano

2009 “Big Bang “ personale presso Fitzcarraldo Milano  Agorarte

2010”Equilibri precari “  Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2010 Personale  Galleria Franco Senesi Positano

2013 “ Racconti “ Bobbio Piacenza

2014 Personale Palazzo Ghizzoni- Nasalli Rocca “Gli enigmi del tempo “

           Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2014 “Angeli Ebbri “ Castello di  Momeliano ,Luretta

2015 “Contaminazioni Farnesiane ,angeli e cortigiane” Musei Civici di Palazzo Farnese Piacenza

2015”Il tempo ,il silenzio ,il racconto “ Cà Cornera  Rovigo


Mostre Collettive

1994 “Scultori a Piacenza”

1995 “Incontrarsi per Casa ,artisti a confronto “ Milano

1998”Forme nel Tempo “  Ente Fiera Piacenza

1998 “ Borgonovo Arte “ dieci scultori nella Rocca Borgonovo V.T.

1999”Nei laboratori dell’arte” Galleria d’Arte 15 Piacenza

2000”Figura : venti artisti al caffè “ Reggio Emilia (Alberto Agazzani)

2000 “Figure celesti “ Borgonovo VT   presso la Rocca

2001 “Arte fare arte dire “chiesa di S.Maria della Pace Piacenza

2002 “ Nei laboratori dell’ Arte “ Galleria d’arte moderna Ricci Oddi

2002 “Senza ragione” Alphacentauri Palazzo Pallavicini Parma

2002 “Corte delle Giara  “ Ravazzola Parma Alphacentauri

2003”Artenativa “Chiesa Sant’Agostino Piacenza

2003 “Il cappello d’autore “ Sa Corona Arubbia Cagliari

2003” Museum” Expo Fiera Parma (Galleria 8,75)

2003”Come il Mar “ Galleria 8,75 Reggio Emilia

2004Temple University di Roma galleria Il Polittico

2005 “Altre Figurazioni “ Agorarte   Milano

2005 “Chiaro e scuro “ Flowers East Gallery Londra e IL Polittico

2005”Presente indicativo “ Galleria Davigo Torino e IL POLITTICO

2006”Opere su Carta “ Agorarte Milano

2006” Armodio e Tirelli in Comune “ presso Palazzo Farnese Piacenza

2006 “Quindici anni “ Scuderie Aldobrandini Frascati Roma Il Polittico

2006 Fiera dell’arte Montechiari BS  galleria Nuovospazio

2006”G. Foppiani e gli artisti del Fantastico “ Galleria Rosso Tiziano PC

2007 “The Art & artist of il Polittico” Naples  (Miami )Florida Gallerie du         

         Gallerie du Soleil USA

2007 “Acqua “ Galleria Forni Bologna

2007 “Acqua “  Palazzo Ducale città di Pavullo Gall. Forni

2007 “Arteverona “ Ente Fiera Verona galleria Immagine  Milano

2007 “Scultura neofigurativa in Italia “Garage Bulgari IL POLITTICO

2007 “Triptyque” Angers Francia Galleria Forni Bo

2008 “Nouveau” Gallerie du soleil , Naples Florida USA

2008“ Mi Art“ Milano

2008“ Artisti all’Isola D’Elba“   Gall. Nuovospazio

2008”Visionaria “Galleria delle Visioni Lodi

2008 “Free and easy “ Galleria Immagine   Brera Milano

2009”Vir et Domina “Galleria delle Visioni Lodi

2009 “Arte Cremona “ Nuovospazio Ente Fiera CR

2009 “Ritorno all’ordine “ Galleria Immagine Brera Milano

2009”Evocazioni figurative “Castello Malaspina Bobbio PC

2009”Emozioni di settembre “ Galleria delle Visioni Lodi

2009 “Immagina” Arte Fiera Reggio Emilia Galleria Franco Senesi

2010 “Il mare  “  Galleria Forni Bologna

2010”Artefiera “ Reggio Emilia gall. Franco Senesi

2011 Padiglione dell'arte   Forte dei Marmi Galleria Entroterra Bs

2011”Les Arbres “ Galleria Forni Bologna

2011 “Legno, rame, bronzo …”Spazio Rosso Tiziano Piacenza

2011 “Arte sotto la luna “ Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2011 Artefiera Padova   Galleria Delle Visioni

2011 Padiglione Italia 54°Biennale di Venezia Sezione Milano Sala dei Re

2011 Padiglione  Italia  54° Biennale di Venezia : “Lo stato dell'arte”  sezione Torino a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi

2012  Arte Fiera  Genova  Galleria delle Visioni

2012 ARTEEXPO NEW YORK con  Galleria Franco Senesi

2012 Esposizione   “Artisti Italiani” presso MFF Galerie a  Parigi

2012  Artefiera Piacenza con galleria delle Visioni .

2013  Galleria delle Visioni “ Di bianco e d'inverno “

2013 “Sogni su tela “ Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2013  “Il carattere delle forme “  Comune di Rivergaro (pc)

2013  Esposizione  Galleria Elena Gromova  Mosca Russia

2013 “Opere esposte “ Galleria Mazzoni Piacenza

2013  “Bocca di rosa “ Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2013   Artefiera Piacenza con Galleria delle Visioni

2014 “Onirica “ Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2014 “ Piccole poesie su tela “ Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2014 “Figurazione in Sant’Erasmo” spazio Sant’Erasmo Sestri Levante

2014 “Opere Visionarie a Parco Nuovo “ Galleria delle Visioni

2014   ARTEEXPO New York Square Gallery di Franco Senesi

 2014“Ordine e Caos “ Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2014 “Opere esposte “  Galleria Mazzoni Piacenza

2014  White Room  , Franco Senesi Gallery Capri

2014  Artefiera Piacenza Galleria delle Visioni

2014 “Luci ed Ombre “ Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2014 Franco Senesi Gallery Positano

2015 ARTEFIERA Cremona Galleria delle Visioni

2015 White Room  Galleria di Franco Senesi Capri

2015 Liquid art System , Galleria di Franco Senesi Positano

2015 Scultura Italiana a  Galleria Elena Gromova Mosca Russia

2015  Expo Internazionale “Tesori D’Italia “di Vittorio Sgarbi, “La scultura Mosaico” progetto di Laura Gavioli padiglione EATALY Milano

2015”Il cibo, nutrimento per corpo e spirito “ Gruppo Strumentale Ciampi e Galleria delle Visioni  chiesa di San Cristoforo Piacenza

2015 “Visioni erotiche”Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza

2016 ArteFiera Piacenza Galleria delle Visioni

2016  “ATMOSFERE “ Galleria delle Visioni Piacenza


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