Mario Ginocchi

........Painting for me is a vital need. At the same time it is the rejection of a certain kind of reality (of consumerism and fashions) which I do not at all feel to be mine and which, quite simply, I cannot admit.

Painting therefore becomes a lifeline in a sea of uncertainties produced by a world which is hard to understand. Alternatively, through this means, a more concrete reality (even though an interior one) can be produced. Over all of this, like a penitence to be done, hangs the sense of a huge effort (spiritual and technical) before obtaining the coordinates of this long and mysterious journey.

Mario Ginocchi 1989


For a Friend

..... Here I am, dear Mario, my simple and true friend, of so few words yet such intense feeling. Your peculiar nature has always seemed to me to own an intimate severity. Of someone who had chosen to live without disguises or misunderstandings, neither cunning nor yielding. Life for you was too serious to be wasted in such a way. Living meant giving yourself up totally to what nature had generously given you, confining you in that small group known as “artists”, a title nowadays overused, but which you truly deserved ..........

…....This recent activity of yours, which I have to mention now because I imagine it is what the present exhibition is based upon, at first surprised and troubled me. That dark and impenetrable tone, that mystery and spectral light acted upon me, upsetting all interpretive information and what I knew of your work. The repeated, tireless working between such strict and rigid margins oppressed me, the obsessive and imperturbable digging into blackness. Once the first emotional astonishment was over, I understood and the questions that you asked yourself appeared. What is there beyond the darkness? How is creation recomposed in terms of light? You answered these questions with the ethical rigour on which you based your life. Without yielding anything, on the contrary facing the challenge with head held high and steady. The resulting work is linguistically impeccable, finished and formally integral. Nothing floats hedonistically or is noted sensually. Rigour is sovereign and patent. Every mark or stroke of the brush is imposed by a feeling soaked in truth.  

These works by Ginocchi are testimony to the force of a knowledge that, free from constraints and contingencies, aspires to the absolute.


Claudio Giumelli


Mario Ginocchi was born in Massa on 10th September 1938.

He felt his predisposition for painting from his childhood. He began to distinguish himself among the children at primary school, winning prizes and acclaim in competitions and national school exhibitions.

He registered at the Istituto d'Arte in Massa but soon abandoned it to dedicate himself wholly to painting. Thus began a series of successful exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Together with painting, his reason for living, he built wind and percussion instruments, real musical sculptures, with a tireless passion.

The artist Mario Ginocchi died on 27th September 2013, prematurely depriving us of his magnificent “ART”.



1952 Collective National Competition of Young Artists, Bari

1953 Personal exhibition, “Cenacolo Artisti Apuani”, Massa

1953/62 Collettive exhibition, Studio Professionale Motti-Fremura, Massa

1962 National Micro-Extemporary Exhibitionnea, Marina di Massa – 1st prize

1963 Personal exhibition, Galleria d'Arte “Città di Massa”, Massa

1963 National Collective Exhibition “Triglia d'Oro” - Marina di Carrara (MS)

1964 Personal in Piazza Pellerano, Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno Marina di Massa

1964 “Cantiere Navale” award, Marina di Carrara

1965 Extemporary National Competition, Marina di Massa

1966 First formative period in Paris

1967 Second formative period in Paris

1968 1st Prize, Extemporary National Competition, Galleria “Città di Massa”

1968 Personal exhibition, Galleria “Città di Massa”

1968 Personal exhibition, Circolo Santa Trinità, Prato

1968 Personal exhibition, Galleria Circolo A.C.I.I. Migliarina, La Spezia

1968 Personal exhibition, Galleria “Agrifoglio”, Marina di Pietrasanta

1968 Personal exhibition, on the “S. Monica”, Viareggio

1968 Third formative period in Paris

1969 Personal exhibition, Unione Commercianti, Prato

1969 Personal exhibition, Galleria d'Arte “L'Incontro”, Marina di Pietrasanta

1969 Gruppo “J” collective exhibition, Galleria “La Medusa”, Camaiore, Lucca

1970 International exhibition, Convento dei Frati, Camaiore, Lucca

1971 Personal exhibition, Galleria d'Arte “La Piccola”, Santa Margherita Ligure

1972 Personal exhibition, Galleria “Cristiano Banti”, Santa Croce sull'Arno

1972 1st International Art Exhibition, Sant'Andrea, Vinca

1973 Formation of the “Ben Shann” Group for the realisation of the large painting dedicated to Sebastian Matta

1973/74 Pictorial research

1975 Personal exhibition, Galleria D'Arte “Michelangelo”, Massa

1975/76 Pictorial research

1977 Personal exhibition, Circolo ARCI “Victor Jara”, Carrara

1977 Personal exhibition, Gallery “Art Club”, Marina di Carrara

1977/78 Pictorial research

1980 Personal exhibition “Galleria Bleu”, Grenoble, France

1980 International Collective Exhibition, Cultural Circle “Vivre et Dire”, Vienne, France

1980 Personal Exhibition of Musical Instruments, Galleria Corchia, Massa

1980 First evening of musical meeting, Azienda Autonoma Soggiorno, Marina di Massa

1980 Second evening of musical meeting, Azienda Autonoma Soggiorno, Marina di Massa

1981 National Collective Small Format Exhibition, Galleria Corchia, Massa

1982 “La Calandriniana” Painting Sympisium, Sarzana

1982 International State Schools Collective Exhibition, Sarzana

1983 31st Bancarella Award, Collective, Convento della Nunziata, Pontremoli (MS)

1983 “Il Punto” International Cultural Centre, Personal Exhibition and Musical Events, Carrara

1984 Personal Exhibition of Paintings and Musical Instruments, Town Hall, Massa

1985/86 “Meeting with the Authors” Scuola Media “M. Malaspina” Collective Exhibition, Massa

1985/86 Collective Exhibition, Circolo Culturale “Mondo Operaio”, Massa

1988 Villa Schiff Painting Symposium, Montignoso, Massa

1989 Personal Exhibition, Centro Commerciale “Astor”, Massa

1989/90 Personal Exhibitions, Circolo Culturale “Mondo Operaio”, Massa

1992 International Collective Exhibition, Galleria “Pegaso”, Forte dei Marmi

1995 Painting presentation at the documentative photographic and ecological exhibition “Water: a wound open to the world” - Palazzo Ducale Massa

1995 Mostra Internazionale Teatro al Parco Biussola Centro di Ricerche ” Verifica 8+1” - Mestre 1995 “Artists of Tuscany Exhibition on invitiation by the Catalan Region, Department of Culture Lleida (Barcellona, Spagna)

1995 Personal exhibition “The Spinning Mill from the real to the imaginary” - Filanda di Forno- Massa

1996 Personal Exhibition ”Images and sounds of wind instruments and falling” - Galleria “NuvolaNera”, Santa Croce sull' Arno, Pisa

1997 Personal exhibition “Project: image and rehabilitation”, Palazzo Mediceo, Seravezza

1997 “La Calandriniana, Sounds in Time” - Sarzana 1997 Collective Exhibition, London Art House”, Coningsby Gallery, London

1998 Personal exhibition, Castello Aghinolfi, “Testoration and Image” - Villa Schiff Giorgini - Montignoso (MS)

1999 ”Musicora” Internation Salon of Classical and Jazz Music, Paris

1999 “Sounds in Time”, Palazzo Vescovile, Massa

1999 “Perugia Classico” - Rocca Paolina – Perugia

2000 “Perugia Classico” - Rocca Paolina – Perugia

2002 Personal exhibition, Galleria d' Arte “La Melagrana” - Massa

2002 Personal exhibition - Castello Malaspina - Massa

2005 Collective exhibition - Cittadella di Sarzana - Fortezza Firmafede – Sarzana (SP)

2006 Personal exhibition of musical instruments – Libreria Artemisia - Massa

2008 Personal exhibition - “Frigido: the colours of water” Palazzo Ducale - Massa

2008 Personal exhibition - Torre Malaspina – Fosdinovo - Massa

2009 Personal exhibition - “The call of water”- Terme di S. Carlo- Massa

2009 Personal exhibition - Palazzo della regione Paciatichi - Firenze

2012 Collective exhibition – Villa Paolina Bonaparte – Viareggio

2014 Collective exhibition – Galleria Artetotale- Pietrasanta

2014 Retrospective exhibition “Beyond light” - Galleria Artetotale - Pietrasanta.


Centro sperimentale 1974
(105X90 cm)
Crostaceo 1970
(80X100 )
Momento IV 1978
(100 x 100)
Personaggi di scena 1971
(75X85 cm)
Figura prospettica 1970
(64X74 cm)
Filanda Prospettiva 1995
(92X112 cm)
Verso l esterno 2000
(80 x 95 )
Sere Acqua 2 2011
(78 x 88)
Cava Le Cervaiole 2000
(73 x 84 cm )
Interno Cava 2000
(80 x 95 cm)
in collaboration with morandi tappeti