Michele Toppetti

Anarchist and libertarian, its expressiveness beat roads other than traditional training fees.
Jokingly told the hours of math and algebra have greatly contributed to the execution of his first jobs ... the sketches were made in the morning between 8.30 and 13.00, then reworked quietly at home and finished the night ... This works are mostly chine. This was followed by the comic character noir, the pulp, the subsequent use of colour, who have not loved deeply, but used it to look for a contrast, something like a pop, but it wasn't pop. Then he begame using different techniques and materials treated with virulence transgressive (in parallel with the authors of reference and Fante Bukosky) which is coniugated with inspirations drawn by the inevitable "pilgrimage in the east." His latest works are collage, compositions of matter on the contemporary world. Here between symbols, myths, heroes and anti-heroes of humanity torn, also stands the "M" of the author, paradoxically fighter "disarmed" with himself, in the toughest, intimate conflict.


Michele Toppetti was born in Todi in 1970 and attended the Art Institute in Perugia and Rome. In 1990 he exhibited at the exhibition at the former Incadescenze Officine Bosco di Terni. Later he participated in numerous solo and group including August Corcianese , Corciano 1995; Palazzo della Versilia, Marina di Pietrasanta 1997; Lissone Award 2000 ( Award Winner Estimate ) ; Palestrina Etruscan Museum in 2001 ; Milan Gallery Santabarbara 20001 and 2002; Milan Gallery Venticorrenti , 2003. In 1998 he created the official poster of Todi Festival in which also sets up a staff .
He died in Todi in 2011 .



Io sono 2004
The game is now 2008
Ovali 2004
(40 x 30)
Iraq Agenda Turistica 2003
GLOBalizaction 2003
L'Artista Armato 2002
Hezbollah 2003
Kill an Arab 2003
in collaboration with morandi tappeti