Saverio Bonelli

Corrado Marchese


The world does not feel well, the man does not feel well......

Saverio Bonelli's works come from and contain this thought. It is the main theme in his artistic career as a sculptor of “ Track ”, “ Sudario “, “ Resto “......where the man is, at the same time, the subject, the victim and the executioner of his decline.

His works are made of humble materials, building, cement, iron,tubes which 'speak ' of individuals and crowds, of cities used as containers of selfishness, of social and urban decay far from the true harmony, from the concept of Greek polis. Faces and bodies, souvenirs of life and of death which remind the Pompeian molds in their shapes,; in ' Richiamo Umano ' ( Human Recall), the globe has , as Sisyphus 's boulder, the role of a burnen which each individual has to carry. Then the Earth, the world and its magnificent nature, now suffering and injured: trunks, wood, trees and rocks, symbols of life, interwined and twisted. They take the form of a ' Tornado ' or of a mushroom cloud ' Little Boy ' which has the same name of the first atomic bomb. In ' Toc ', a snake represents an avalanche and its name is the same of the mountain that destroyed the Vajont. And plastic too, the environmetal sore par exellence: a bear, a snowman, a water jet made of plastic caps and bottles. Scrabs and daily waste, so common that they are almost unnoticed if it wasn’t for the Art which riminds us of this decay with gracefulness and irony. Sculptures, symbols of condemnation, grow and gain strength from the mad fight between the man and nature.




Bear 2017
(45 x 50 x 35)
in collaboration with morandi tappeti